About 1-800-BUY-SELL

Opportunity does not knock, it rings and vanity telephone numbers work, period. Independent marketing studies prove vanity numbers will increase advertising response rates by up to 50% in television and print media and up to 13 times in radio. They virtually guarantee an increase in your return-on-marketing Investment. Additionally, the memorable impact of your vanity number in advertisements translates to long term residual value on all your advertisement dollars spent.

Be The Name Brand

Vanity numbers will play a major role in developing your business into the name brand within your market. They are memorable and recognizable. With the best number in the business, being the name brand in your market becomes a matter of probability and not mere possibility. In and of itself, 1-800-BUY-SELL transcends an image of bigness and stability.

Our Mission Statement

The expectations of Gimme Shelter, LLC is to develop a national network of independent realtors who, through the shared use of the toll free vanity telephone number 1-800-BUY-SELL, independently and individually represent their respective markets. A market is defined as a telephone area code.

Associates will have exclusivity regarding markets, that is that ALL calls originating from a specific area code(s) will be routed to the telephone number(s) of their choice. Associates will forever and always have the option to continue their participation in the network.

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