What can 1-800-BUY-SELL do for you?


You immediately become memorable and recognizable. 1-800-BUY-SELL transcends an image of bigness and stability. It’s what you do, you do it well: be the name brand.


The memorable impact of all advertising yields residual value on all advertising dollars spent.


Make it easy for your previously satisfied customers to recommend you and your great service with your unforgettable telephone number.


1-800-BUY-SELL says “I get results, I’m easy to get in touch with, I will find a buyer, I will sell your house.” Buyers’ search nationally, sellers list locally.

Be top of mind, the household name.

Be the go to Realtor in your market.


  • 1. Answer your calls. You run your business as you see fit. 1-800-BUY-SELL is merely a tool for your use toward that end.
  • 2. Share your call information with anyone but you. This is your proprietary information that is generated from your efforts and will be protected as such.
  • 3. Be in the real estate brokerage business. We are in the marketing business and will not compete with realtors.


  • 1. Provide you with detailed Caller ID reporting to aid you in monitoring traffic and capitalizing on all calls.
  • 2. Make available any research and share successes of other associates regarding the usefulness of the number. Of course, any provided information is to be used or ignored solely at your discretion.

The Process

Step One

Select the desired area code(s) for your exclusive use and sign on with the 1-800-BUY-SELL network.

Step Two

Within hours, we will route ALL calls originating from the area code(s) selected to ring at the number(s) of your choice.

Step Three

Watch your Real Estate business grow!

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